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Find a doctor in Nashville

Working with a Nashville doctor is a partnership. A physician's job is to assist you in taking care of yourself. Your medical doctor should provide you with the information you need to make decisions about your health. You depend on your doctor to help you understand why you feel the way you do and what your symptoms mean. Your Nashville doctor's role is not only to explain things in terms you can understand, but also to give you a correct diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

In exchange, your job is to learn as much as you can about your own and your family's medical history, and to communicate this to your Nashville physician. Talk openly to your doctor. Your doctor depends on you to tell him about your signs and symptoms. He needs your knowledge of when the symptoms started, what brings relief, what makes them worse, and what medications you are using or have used.

Nashville doctor directory

An online directory of physicians in Nashville, such as this one, can save you a lot of time in your doctor search in Nashville. Once you have a shortlist of medical doctors, consider the following questions to find the right doctor for you.

  • How long has he been practicing?
  • Is he affiliated with a hospital? If yes, which one?
  • Does he have expertise in any particular areas? If yes, which ones?
  • Who covers for him when he is not available?
  • Does he have time to adequately address your concerns?
  • Does he return phone calls?

Choosing a Nashville family doctor is an important part of taking care of yourself. Try to narrow down the field to three or four doctors and ask to be given a forty-five minute appointment. Have all your questions written down in advance so you don't forget anything. For your first meeting with a prospective physician, you may want to take notes or bring along a clear-thinking relative or friend.

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Abram Steven R MD
2410 Patterson St
Tel: (615) 327-9543
Abundant Health Partners Inc
1005 Woodmont Blvd
Tel: (615) 279-5500
Akin Judith B MD
2323 21st Ave S
Tel: (615) 279-0407
Alexander Paul C MD
3200 Hillside Dr
Tel: (615) 292-7400
Alexander Willaim F MD
2400 Patterson St Ste 515
Tel: (615) 327-2111
Alexander William F MD
2400 Patterson St
Tel: (615) 327-2111
All Seasons Allergy & Asthma
2222 State St
Tel: (615) 354-5500
Alliance Hand Center
301 21st Ave N
Tel: (615) 329-4263
Americas Health Care Plans
8118 Sawyer Brown Rd
Tel: (615) 646-4057
Anand Vinita MD
2021 Church St
Tel: (615) 329-5072
Anderson Arthur R MD
2400 Patterson St Ste 119
Tel: (615) 298-4441
Anderson John E MD
2400 Patterson St
Tel: (615) 342-5900
Arney Casey C Doctor of Medicine
2010 20th Ave S
Tel: (615) 327-4877
Arney Casey C MD
30 Burton Hills Blvd
Tel: (615) 327-4877
Arons Murray
3443 Dickerson Pike
Tel: (615) 865-3322
Ashford Linda G PhD
1317 Stratford Ave
Tel: (615) 936-0249
Associated Psychiatrists Of Nashville
30 Burton Hills Blvd
Tel: (615) 327-4877
Associated Urologists of Nashville
2011 Murphy Ave Ste 307
Tel: (615) 327-4858
Associated Urologists of Nashville
4230 Harding Pike Ste 330
Tel: (615) 269-2655
Associates In General Surgery
3443 Dickerson Pike
Tel: (615) 865-0700

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